The Electrode Company

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The Electrode Company

Clinical Success

The Lightman, the only device currently capable of measuring pulse oximeter sensor accuracy, is enjoying significant market uptake. Reported benefits of using The Lightman include improved oxygen therapy and improved patient outcomes.

Clinical Guidelines and protocols referencing Oxygen Saturation levels can only be followed by the use of accurate, reliable, pulse oximeter systems. The identification and removal from use of inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors is an essential component of Quality Assurance and Patient Safety. About a third of sensors in use have previously been found to not be fit for purpose. The Lightman now makes it possible to identify and prevent the use of these sensors thereby improving oxygen management and patient care.

The Lightman has now proven itself by removing faulty and counterfeit sensors from many hospitals around the world with consequent improvements in patient outcomes.

Who We Are

The Electrode Company Ltd. (TEC) is a completely self-financed private company wholly owned by its two founders - Dr GR Mathews and Dr VM Hickson. Both founding directors share a life-long fascination and passion for science and medicine.

Our aim is to improve medical benefits and efficiencies by giving medical professionals better information for clinical decisions. We passionately believe that the first priority is to always do what is in the best interest of the patient. Our credibility comes from TEC's complete independence from pulse oximeter manufacturers and from maintaining the very best scientific and medical expertise and delivery of the highest quality service.

Do you still accept the old standards of Pulse Oximetry?

Pulse oximetry is no longer just used as a general guide to oxygenation of a patient but has become an integral part of clinical assessment and monitoring. Increasingly Clinical Guidelines are recommending the use of Pulse Oximetry as a major component in assessment and management decisions.

Some say that the education of end users in the use of pulse oximetry exempts pulse oximetry from being accurate, this is no longer acceptable. Others have been led to believe that CE marking and FDA clearance are guaranties of sensor accuracy, this is not true. It is as if pulse oximeter sensor accuracy is an embarrassing detail that has been overlooked. All too often the sensors in use are inaccurate, putting patients at risk from inappropriate oxygen therapy.

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