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Why believe the Lightman

  1. Verification of results by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) The Lightman has been evaluated by most of the major Original Equipment Manufacturers of pulse oximeters. The outcome is a resounding agreement that the Lightman relaibley detects high and low reading sensors as well as accurate sensors.
  2. The Lightman has been the instrument of choice by a variety of both Original Equipment Manufacturers and Manufacturers of generic pulse oximeter sensors for Quality control. The Lightman is used for both quality checking of finished product and to evaluate returned sensors. The Lightman is also in use by research departments.
  3. Sensors that have been identified as faulty by the Lightman to date have been replaced under guarantee by OEMs and manufacturers of generic sensors.
  4. Users report Lightman results are in agreement with their clinical findings. Clinicians and technicians are finding the results of sensor evaluations carried out by the Lightman help to explain clinical findings and equipment malfunctions. Nurses often report concerns about equipment, for example, the alarms do not trigger as expected where the clinical condition of the patient would indicate otherwise. This can occur as either false alarms or no alarm triggered situations. Both of these situations pose clinical risk as well as being an increased stress factor for nursing staff and patients.
  5. Independent clinical trials prove Lightman predictions are in agreement with co-oximeter data and conclude that if inaccurate sensors are used patients could get the wrong treatment.
    A paper on the evaluation of a pulse oximeter sensor tester. As presented Belfast 2008.
  6. Results of breathe downs show agreement of pulse oximeter systems with Lightman predictions.