The Lightman

The Electrode Company

The Lightman:

Tests the most vulnerable components in the oximeter system - Sensor LEDs and Photodiode

Tests the conition of LEDs quickly and on the spot and avoids taking complete oximeter system out of commission

Tests sensor accuracy in isolation from the monitor

Tests LED accuracy - wavelength drift, intensity and for incipient failure

Tests photodiode sensitivity

Tests for intermittent cable breaks

Tests 50 sensors per full charge

The Lightman is self-calibrating to fundamental principles of physics

Portable - Compact - Hand-held

Easily operated by non-technicians

Designed for speed and ease of use

Sensor positioning does not require mathematical precision for accurate results

Latex free

Use The Lightman for:

Pre-Purchase sensor evaluation

On-ward preventative maintenance

Sensor performance in extreme conditions

Pre-delivery checks by manufacturers

Incoming inspection and repair