The Lightman

The Electrode Company

This will provide you with:
  1. Permanent records
  2. Traceable calibration records for specific sensors (hard and soft copy)
  3. An audit trail
  4. A Quality Tool
  5. Help in planning maintenance
  6. Good Clinical Practice
  7. Help in governance
  8. Improved Quality Assurance
  9. Records to prove sensors are calibrated in cases of Adverse Incident Reporting
Lightman Adaptors are interchangeable to work with all models of the Lightman.

Please ask for a quotation.

Upgrading of Lightman Model

It is now possible to generate automatic reports with the Lightman.

Your current Standard Lightman can be upgraded to the Lightman Pro Plus for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new Model.

The Lightman Pro Plus will enable you to improve your Quality records by
  1. Saving the data to a computer file.
  2. Printing a copy as and when required.