The Lightman

The Electrode Company

The Lightman SpO2 Sensor Tester is a hand-held, portable micro spectrometer that tests pulse oximeter sensors in isolation from the monitor, easily operated by non-technicians. It can be used on the ward, in the operating theatre or wherever it is needed for instant sensor accuracy evaluation.

The Electrode Company's research and development has revolutionized the accuracy of pulse oximeter sensor measurement.

Further information on The Lightman
The Lightman is unique, it performs a vital job that no simulator or other sensor tester can do.

The Lightman SpO2 Sensor Tester is a micro spectrometer. It tests the most vulnerable part of the oximeter system - the sensor LEDs. It is the only device on the market today that tests LED wavelength accuracy.

It tests LED wavelength accuracy, intensity, incipient failure, and any wavelength drift. Additionally, the Lightman tests photodiode sensitivity and for intermittent cable breaks. A change in any of these can cause pulse oximeter testers to become in accurate.