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Cost Savings on Pulse Oximeter Sensors and down time of equipment

Cost Savings on Pulse Oximeter Sensors and down time of equipment have been reported by;

Kendal, Barrow, Lancaster, Dewsbury, Pinderfields, Pontefract, Cumberland, Glasgow, Leicester RI, Leicester GH, Glenfield, Booth Hall Children's Hospital, Pendlebury Children's Hospital, Portincula, Great Yarmouth, Wythenshawe.

Comments Include;

The replacement of pulse oximeter sensors under guarantee represents a considerable cost saving. Before the introduction of The Lightman the Trust would have been paying for faulty pulse oximeter sensors without any means of recourse and with no knowledge of the clinical implications of using these faulty pulse oximeter sensors.

The introduction of The Lightman has enabled inaccurate sensors to be returned to manufacturers with considerable cost benefits to the trust, and clinicians are now getting the correct data on which to make treatment decisions for patients.

Clear identification of faulty pulse oximeter sensors is cost saving and removes risk from the patient environment.

The Lightman has enabled better health provision resulting from more reliable pulse oximeter data, and cost savings made by identification and replacement of inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors under guarantee.

Before The introduction of The Lightman it was not possible to guarantee the suitability of a pulse oximeter sensor for further use. Now that The Lightman makes it possible to thoroughly check pulse oximeter sensors considerable cost savings are made by the re-use of perfectly good pulse oximeter sensors, which would have otherwise been thrown away. Additionally we have peace of mind that The Lightman enables our quality assurance programme to identify inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors so that they can be returned to the supplier.