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Cost Savings from increased efficiencies

Cost Savings from increased efficiencies have been reported by;

Cheltenham, Barnstable, Peterborough, Guernsey

Comments Include;

Nurses and clinical staff expect support departments to be able to identify inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors and remove them from use. The education of nurses and medical staff in the use of pulse oximetry does not exempt pulse oximetry from being accurate.

The Lightman has resulted in a reduction of bed occupancy by up to 2 days by removing inaccurate sensors from use and improving oxygen therapy.

The Lightman is an unique quality control tool for checking pulse oximeter sensor accuracy. The traceable calibration enshrined in The Lightman is re-assuring and is an essential component of quality systems. The Lightman enables guarantee of quality assurance in pulse oximeter sensors.

The Lightman enables rapid identification of inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors on site, without having to take equipment out of use for hours or even days improves patient safety with cost benefits.

The identification and removal from clinical use of inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors enabled by The Lightman has allowed users to become more confident in their use of pulse oximetry and patient safety has been enhanced.

The Lightman evokes good clinical practice with improved medical efficiencies.

The Lightman has minimised the need to take functional equipment out of commission. Rapid diagnosis of sensor faults without having to take equipment out of use has increased medical efficiencies. The Identification of design faults in pulse oximeter sensors has improved the quality of goods received from our suppliers with less wasted time on the wards with faulty equipment.