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Patient Safety

Benefits to patient safety have been reported by a range of Hospitals including;
York, Ilford, Papworth, Cardio Thoracic Centre Liverpool, Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester Children's Hospital, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Newport.

Comments include;

Concurrent blood gas analysis has proved The Lightman to be correct, and if clinical decisions were based on inaccurate sensors as identified by The Lightman, the patient could get the wrong treatment.

The routine check of pulse oximeter sensors before and during clinical use is essential. Inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors may lead to unnecessary and perhaps harmful interventions.

Before The Lightman was introduced, at times, it was not possible to explain why at times clinical judgement did not agree with pulse oximeter data. Nurses have gained increased confidence in pulse oximetry now that The Lightman is incorporated as part of ongoing pulse oximeter maintenance with cost and clinical benefits.

Before The Lightman was introduced it is possible that clinical interventions could have been taken on false premises. Inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors that could have misled clinical judgement are now identified before being put into use.

The Lightman has enabled the identification of inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors which previously would not have been identified. This has resulted in an increase of confidence of the equipment in use and better management of oxygen therapy.