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An assessment of the accuracy of pulse oximeters.
Q. J. W. Milner, G. R. Mathews
Anaesthesia 2012.
Ref. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2044.2011.07021.x

Evaluation of a pulse oximeter sensor tester.
S Dugani, I Hodzovic, S Sindhakar, A Nadra, C Dunstan, A R Wilkes, J Mecklenburgh.
Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing.
Published online 18th May 2011. Ref. DOI: 10.1007/s10877/011/9283/3

Evaluation of a pulse oximeter sensor tester, 87k
A paper on the evaluation of a pulse oximeter sensor tester. As presented Belfast 2008.
C Dunstan, A Nadra, S Sindhakar, S Dugani, J Mecklenburgh, I Hodzovic.
Reference British Journal of Anaesthesia 2008; 101:583/4

Survey of Pulse Oximeter Accuracy, 449kb
S.Dugani, S.Sindhakar, I.Hodzovic. A poster presented at Welsh Anaesthetic Society meeting.

Pulse Oximeter sensor accuracy
Anesthesia and Analgesia. 2007. Vol 105 No. 6, S101.